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Tzeruf Basics: a Kabbalah Meditation


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Tzeruf is a 5800 old kabbalah meditation. The technique in the Bible is labeled as “calling in the name of the Lord.” This meditation focuses on using the true name of God. The benefits are increased opportunities and awareness. The Book is mainly divided into three sections; the Hebrew letters, the general subject of tzeruf meditation, and the tables used for this kabbalah meditation.

The books details the Hebrew alphabet origins, the letter sounds, and the vowel sounds used, their meanings, and their mystical properties. Shown are the many links of the Hebrew Alphabet to numbers, the planets and constellations, dimensions, the sefirot, and the Bible, etc. The main names of God are explained in detail. Learning Hebrew is emphasized in order to read the Torah in Hebrew (the most mystical book on the planet). The levels of the soul are discussed, as well as the creating of a vessel to receive the spiritual influx and how to prepare to be more spiritually and mentally receptive. The sages of old have stated that these techniques can be dangerous. This kabbalah meditation has been known to go as far as making some of those who abuse the meditations to go insane. It describes the influx that flows down the sefirot tree and how to prepare yourself for receiving it. This is done first by ingesting good water and food, then doing right actions.

Tzeruf Basics talks about preparing your physical self and your environment for meditation. It describes in detail also how to prepare your spiritual and mental states as regarding various subjects and also visualizations to complement the meditations. The emotions are briefly discussed regarding focusing the visualizations. Tzeruf Basics briefly touches on one’s journey through life and what the afterlife is like. The last part of the book contains the most important part, the tables used in the kabbalah meditation of tzeruf.

Also included are extensive instructions on tzeruf meditation details and practices. Included are preliminary psalms in Hebrew with their translations. The tables range from very simple to very extensive. Also included is the special mystical Psalm 119 in Hebrew and its translation.

Tzeruf Basics a Kabbalah Meditation -

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