Kabbalah Meditation: Tzeruf

About the Author

About Author Daniel A. Elias

Daniel A. Elias, J.D., is an author, lecturer, who is renown as an authority on tzeruf meditation. He has written the flagship books on the subject; Tzeruf Basics, a Kabbalah Meditaiton, and Tzeruf Writing, a Kabbalah Meditation. Throughout his life he has been interested in what effects sounds have on the mind. He became interested in sounds in grade school when he bought a silent dog whistle (inaudible sound to humans) to call the family dog. He has traveled to many nations since he was in grade school and became interested in the meditations of other cultures. At eighteen he studied in person with the famous Maharish Mehesh Yogi, the Beatle’s guru.

He has tried the many different meditations like chanting for hours mantras like “ohm” and “ohm ma ni padre hom,” only to find the results were a sore throat and the feeling of having wasted a lot of time. He has studied under a college professor who had practiced zen meditation all his life. He has experienced many wellness programs such as Gestalt therapy, primal scream therapy, hug therapy, subliminal sound therapy, sleep therapy, fasting, alkaline detox, acupuncture, smell therapy, etc., etc.

He became interested in sounds affecting the subconscious mind. He is a subliminal expert who has helped others in successful therapy by using custom made subliminals. He has jointly participated in a controlled study of subliminal influences on a high school class with successful results.

He ultimately became fascinated with the fact that the shem hamephorash was not to be pronounced out loud and about its true pronunciation only being known to the high priest of Jerusalem who could pronounce it only once a year on the holiest day of the year. This lead him to discover kabbalah meditation specifically tzeruf meditation using the shem hamephorash and how the Hebrew letter sounds affects the mind and the surrounding circumstances. He was lured also because of the stated effects resulting from this vocalization meditation, leading one into penetrating the rakia into higher dream dimensions.

Today the author does the kabbalah meditation of tzeruf and learns Torah everyday. He spends the majority of his time reading ancient texts about advanced tzeruf meditations and writing about them.