Kabbalah Meditation: Tzeruf

About Opportunities

About Opportunites

Tzeruf is a kabbalah meditation that when done for a while attracts beneficial opportunities. This is done when the spiritual influx energy mixes with one's environment. This mixing tends to harmonize actions just like in music when the melody notes harmonize with the chords. Thus opportunities can be seen more readily. Also ones perceptions of people and their character is heightened.

When these opportunities present themselves one knows that it's unusual. And the frequency of these opportunities is also unusual. When the meditation is stopped these special opportunities also stop being percieved.

Sometimes an outright gift is presented, but most of the time one has to initiate the presented opportunity. The person has to be ready and aware and must make an effort towards realizing the opportunity. If that step is not taken to realize the possibility, the opportunity will pass you by. It will only be presented for a short time.

Wisdom in deciding which opportunities to take is a factor to be dealt with. The spiritual influx also helps with discernment of which path to take. The kabbalah meditation of tzeruf attracts opportunities.