Kabbalah Meditation: Tzeruf

About Tzeruf Meditation

About Creation

The second main element needed to utilize in the process of the kabbalah meditation of tzeruf is concepts of creation. Tzeruf is a meditation that mixes a spiritual energy, called influx, with creation, the physical. Every item in creation has a mixture of the 22 spiritual elements, or aspects of creation, associated with it. Each of these spiritual aspects are symbolized by one of the 22 Hebrew alphabet letters.

Each Hebrew alphabet letter is actually a hieroglyphic. These hieroglyphics are so intelligently and intuitivly drawn that when one sees the symbol the subconscious mind can understand the meaning of the concept.

Each spiritual aspect also has a sound associated with it. The sound is appropriate for that spiritual concept.

The kabbalah meditation of tzeruf uses these Hebrew alphabet symbols and their sounds to help bring down the spiritual influx from the higher spiritual realms and infuse it into their environment and into their daily lives.