Advanced Kabbalah Meditation: Tzeruf

About Actions

About Right Actions

Tzeruf is an advanced kabbalah meditation that brings down the spiritual power called "influx." However, it will only work and manifest in a person if that person has a high spiritual standing gained throught his or her actions. This standing is achieved by actions like treating your neighbor in a very commendable way and by doing certain disciplined acts as enumerated expressly, and by implication, in the Bible.

Where in the Bible are we told about these enumerated acts? We get them from the Torah, or more commonly known as the Old Testament. There are 613 commandments that the sages have listed as actions specifically stated in the Torah. Many of these commandment can not be done today because they relate to the sacred temple in Jerusalem which is not standing today. Many only apply to Kings, or women, etc. But the overall ideas of these commendments are to do good to yourself and to others so that everyone can live in a civilized manner and produce a very spiritually fulfilling life here on earth.

The New Testament also gives the summation of the Torah laws by saying that you should treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself. There are many good concepts in the New Testament on how to best relate to your fellow man.

Christian today don't realize how much they are violating the commandments of the Torah. They typically cite that people should follow the ten commendments from the old Testiment Yet they have no concept that they violate them continually. They worship on Sunday instead of Saturday. This is against one of the ten commandments. They believe that Jesus was god in the flesh. This is a voilation of the most important commandment and is idol worship. And no rationalizations are acceptable. There are reasons behind all the commandments.

By living a life doing these correct actions a person enters into the first level of spiritual states. It is from this foundational state that higher spiritual states can be attained. Tzeruf Meditation: an Advanced Kabbalah Meditation is one of the major vehicles to attain these higher states.