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Tzeruf Writing

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Tzeruf is a 5800 year old kabbalah meditation. This meditative technique in the Bible is labeled as “calling in the name of the Lord.” This meditation focuses on using the true name of God.

This book is a furtherance of the Tzeruf Basics: a Kabbalah Meditation by extending the basics book by including writing into the meditation. It contains two main parts; how to write the various Hebrew fonts, and how to construct writing table meditations.

This Tzeruf Writing book involves the hand writing aspects of tzeruf meditation. It covers the many different styles of writings. It covers the dual function of the Hebrew alphabet being also used as the Hebrew numbering system. It starts describing the main fonts used when writing the Hebrew letters including the sacred font called stam that is used when writing sacred texts like the Torah. Shown are the similarities to other languages in the region. Each Hebrew letter is described in detail on how to correctly draw it in a modern font. Each letter is detailed out on exactly how to make the composite strokes of both the modern fonts as well as the ashuri font used exclusively in the sacred texts. Included is how to draw in detail the Hebrew stam fonts with their tags. An example is provided for one to create the sacred writing of a Mezuzah. The methods of perfecting the strokes of the Hebrew letters are shown in detail to help one master the writing techniques. Traditional parchment materials from kosher animals that are used for the sacred texts are discussed as well as the traditional inks. It discusses in detail the making a writing quill from a feather. Other writing instruments are covered such as wide nib pens. Also discussed is the sewing together of pieces of parchment to make a traditional scroll. The variations of styles used when writing sacred text is touched upon as well as providing the complete Hebrew text as a template for writing your own mezuzah scroll.

The second part involves the many kabbalah meditation methods of constructing the sets of permutated words in various “houses.” Seeding the shem hamephorash is briefly talked about. The balance of the second part involves the many methods of comparing words and the requirements of advanced states of awareness. Gematria is covered as well as notareirkoon. The more letters in a word the more complex the tables become when permutating them. A clear organizational outlook is needed when constructing all tables. Double and triple letter combinations that arise when combining words are covered. And seeding, the most important aspect of the permutation tables, is detailed clearly.

Everything necessary to do a complete the kabbalah meditation of tzeruf by writing is depicted allowing the user to permutate the meditation tables with certainty.

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