Kabbalah Meditation: Tzeruf

About Tzeruf Meditation

About Name of God

Tzeruf is a kabbalah meditation that uses the only true name of God. And it can only be written in Hebrew. The name of God is one of the two main elements in this meditation.

This second main element of tzeruf meditation is name is the other concepts or aspects of creation. There are 22 of these aspects. They are symbolized by the Hebrew alphabet. They are the basis for the creation of the Hebrew alphabet.

God's true name consists of four letter that reflects itself in the four levels of creation. The four levels are named wisdom, understanding, the emotional, and the physical. The Hebrew alphabet letter Yod symbolizes wisdom; Heh symbolizes understanding; Vav sybolizes 6 emotional aspects; and the last Heh sybolizes the physical aspect of creation.

There are also cognative names of God that are an immediate degree away from the true name. These are used through out the Hebrew Bible but translated as sinply God or Lord in the English Bible. These names are Yah, El, Elohim, Elohim tzavaot and Adoni tzavaot, El Shadai, El Chai, Adonai, and Ehieh. These secondary names have special meanings and when they appear in the Bible they are used for a specific purposeful meaning.

The “Name” or the shem hamephorash is not to be pronounced out loud. Why? Because it's true pronunciation is not known except by only a few. Rabbi Nachman, a renown Rabbi of kabbalah meditation, states that saying the name correctly will only strengthen the bad elements of life in the world since the shekina (God presence) has left Israel and is spread through out the world.